Course Details

Montessori Course:

➢ 14 Months Proficiency Diploma in Montessori Education.

➢ 2, 3 ,4 and 6 Months short Certificate Courses.

Course Design

➢Montessori philosophy
➢Child psychology
➢Exercises of practical life
➢Sensorial exercises which are education of the senses
➢Development of language skills
➢Cultural Subjects

English Language Course:

Duration: 6 & 14 months

This course focuses on listening and speaking. You learn to use English confidently in many different situations. Spoken English classes are held through out the year.

There are four proficiency levels.

  • LEVEL -1 Beginner Level
  • LEVEL – 2 Pre- Intermediate Level
  • LEVEL – 3 Intermediate Level
  • LEVEL – 4 Advanced Level